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Perfect World will bring sandbox MMO ReEvolve to E3

ReEvolve Android

Perfect World Entertainment, the enormous publisher behind PC MMOs like Perfect World, Forsaken World, and Neverwinter, is bringing its latest mobile MMORPG to E3: ReEvolve.

We say latest, because the publisher has already launched Forsaken World Mobile, its mobile version of the hit PC MMORPG, on Android.

Perfect World is bringing its upcoming mobile sandbox MMO ReEvolve to E3

ReEvolve represents something of a shift for Perfect World. This is the first sandbox MMO that the company will launch on mobile.

It’s set in a post apocalyptic future in which humanity has destroyed the planet. So 2019, probably. Using time traveling technology, you travel to different eras to try and save the world and rebuild the future.

We’ll try and get a look at this during E3 and report back.

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