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Nitrome has released In The Dog House

In The Dog House Android

Nitrome has just released In The Dog House, an adorable pet puzzler. You’ll take care of your very own dog as you complete puzzles.

The premise is very simple. You have to help your sleepy doggy reach its bowl of food by rearranging the rooms inside your house.

In The Dog House is a fun puzzler out now on Android

To do so, you simply have to swipe each room around, in a similar manner to FRAMED or a tile-swapping puzzler. You can also spin tiles to create new paths for your animal to navigate.

As you progress, you’ll unlock a bunch of new doggies. There’s pretty much every breed in the game, and you can play with each of them by unlocking new toys.

With over 50 puzzles to complete, In The Dog House offers plenty of fun for dog lovers and puzzle fans alike. Head on over to Google Play to get it right now.

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