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Muse Dash is out right now on Android

Muse Dash Android

Though we only reported on it yesterday, the rhythm action hack and slasher Muse Dash is already out on Android.

You have to tap, swipe, and hold the screen to pull off a variety of hack and slash-y moves. Timing is key though, as you have to pull off the right attack just as you’re about to walk into an enemy.

Muse Dash is finally out on Android

It’s basically like Guitar Hero, but instead of coloured symbols you have to time your button presses when enemies pop up instead. It’s an intriguing twist on the formula.

You’ve also got gorgeous Cartoon Network-style visuals, 30 songs to battle through, and pets to unlock. It really is an incredibly cute little game.

So head on over to Google Play right now to check out Muse Dash while it’s hot.

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