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ChickenPOP! is a casual game about getting a chicken high

Have you ever seen a chicken get high? Well now’s your chance. ChickenPOP! is a game about getting a chicken as high as you possibly can and then watching it come crashing down again.

This physics-based casual title from developer Slidesoft is not quite like anything we’ve played before. Each turn begins with you firing a chicken from a cannon. Once the chicken starts falling back down to earth you need to touch the screen to create bubbles that break the chicken’s fall and send it bouncing upwards.

This might seem straightforward enough, but there are complicating factors in the form of birds that swoop and crash into your chicken, bees that pop your bubbles, and drones that chase you around and get in your way.

It’s easy to fumble or get knocked off course, and once your chicken starts to fall there’s very little you can do to stop it. To get anywhere in ChickenPOP! you need to be a model of calm and composure.

Or you can cheat. A small IAP lets you unlock all three levels, along with a few more chicken types to hurl about and a version of the game with no ads.

ChickenPOP! is super tough, so we won’t judge if you have to fork out to see the whole game.

Level two involves drifting through space in a rocket with a chicken dangling from the back on a rope. Satellites and meteors drift across the screen, and you have to dodge them.

Level three is set in heaven. Although it’s more like hell for your little chicken, since the angels are enforcing a humans-only policy with deadly effect. You’ll need to dodge arrows, bibles, and more if you want to survive the afterlife.

ChickenPOP! is a complete original, and absolutely hilarious. Download it for free right now on Google Play (and the App Store!).



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