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Tencent teases Fortnite Android, possible July 24 release

Fortnite Battle Royale Android

Tencent has released a teaser image for the Android version of Fortnite on Twitter. The caption reads “Wow. It’s coming!” and there appears to be the date July 24th on a calendar.

That’s a pretty strong signal that we can expect to play it on Android on July 24th, isn’t it? I mean, what else could that message possibly mean? It would be a huge troll to stick a dated calendar on there if it didn’t mean anything.

Fortnite is possibly coming to Android on July 24th

If you’ve been living in a coma for the past few years, Fortnite is the world’s biggest game right now. Bigger even than Minecraft.

It’s a battle royale shooter that takes its cues from PUBG. You fight against 99 other players in a bid to see who can survive the longest, and scavenge for all of your weapons and equipment.

And you’ll be able to play it on Android very soon if this teaser becomes accurate. Then it will finally be available on every platform under the sun. Learn more about Fortnite on the official site.

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