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Kingdom: New Lands is on sale for 50% off

Kingdom: New Lands Android

Like survival strategy games? You’ll probably love Kingdom: New Lands then. So it’s a good thing it’s on sale right now for 50% off.

As the name suggests, this sees a queen journey to new lands and try and settle them. You’ll build outposts, hire and pay workers, and set up defences.

Why the defences? Because when night falls, hordes of undead invade your encampments.

Kingdom: New Lands tasks you with settling an entirely new kingdom

It’s 2D, so you can only go back and forth on your horse. It starts to get really tough to defend as you build new settlements, stretching your resources.

There are a few different lands to settle on, which varies up the experience. You have to build a better boat while forging your civilisation to move onto a new one.

So go ahead and see if you’d make a good king or queen by grabbing Kingdom: New Lands on Google Play for cheap.

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