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Fortnite could launch on Android August 9th

Fortnite Android

The big news last week was that Fortnite would be a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive and bypass the Google Play store entirely.

We know for a fact that Fortnite definitely won’t appear in Google Play, but a new datamine lends further weight to the Samsung exclusivity rumours.

First of all, a leaked version of the APK reportedly runs a hardware check to ensure that you’re running the Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4.

A new datamine lends further weight to the Fortnite Samsung exclusivity rumours

According to these rumours, the Note 9 and Tab S4 will receive 30 days of exclusivity. After that, all further Samsung devices can play it exclusively for 90 days.

Then, all Android devices will presumably be able to play the game. Well, providing you don’t mind downloading the game from Epic directly.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launches on August 9th, that means that the biggest game in the world could launch on Android alongside it.

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