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Kung Fu Clicker is an idle fighting game coming soon

Kung Fu Clicker Android

Kung Fu Clicker is an upcoming idle fighting game by masters of the genre PikPok. You might know them best as the creators of the excellent Dungeon, Inc.

In this latest clicker, you’ll build dojos to train new martial artists then send them on their way to fight evil or something.

Kung Fu Clicker is everything you want from an idle martial arts game

That evil is known as the Shadow Fang gang, and we don’t really know what they are or what they do. Probably bad stuff though, judging from their name.

So you’ll set up a team out of your best fighters and tell them to go beat stuff up. You won’t actually do any of that though – just the management.

We’ll keep you posted as this gets closer to launch, which will be sometime in September. In the meantime, follow the Facebook page to learn more.

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