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Pre-register for Ubisoft’s Hungry Dragon right now

Hungry Dragon Android

Ubisoft is gearing up to release a brand new IP on mobile soon: Hungry Dragon. As the title suggests, you play as a dragon who has to basically eat everything.

Visually, it looks like it was made in an enhanced version of the UbiArt Framework engine that powered the latest Rayman games.

Pre-register for Hungry Dragon on Google Play right now

We say enhanced, because there’s some nifty 3D effects in there, along with the handdrawn style.

There’s a variety of dragons to collect, each of which has its own unique appearance. You can even unlock costumes to change their abilities.

If exploring a variety of levels that you can then smash and munch your way through to get a high score sounds fun, pre-register for Hungry Dragon right now on Google Play.

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