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Roguelike Cardinal Quest is going free on Android

Cardinal Quest Android

Need a roguelike fix? Cardinal Quest is exactly what you’re looking for then – and it’s free right now on Android.

You play as a fighter, wizard, or thief and travel deep into the bowels of a dungeon to try and save the town of Hallemot.

Roguelike Cardinal Quest is free on Android right now

Tap to move, simply walk into enemies to hit them, or tap on spells to cast them. It’s a simple system, but one with a lot of depth.

You’ll level up your character and equip them with variety of upgrades – all of which you’ll lose if your character dies. Death is permanent, but that’s what makes this so fun.

Head on over to Google Play to grab Cardinal Quest right now. Whether you like roguelikes or not, you have nothing to lose. It’s free.

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