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PUBG Mobile: Sanhok launches September 12 on Android

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Good news, PUBG Mobile fans! The hotly-anticipated close quarters combat map Sanhok finally launches on Android September 12.

It arrives as part of update 0.8.0, which will also sport new vehicles, weapons, and a boot camp system.

PUBG Mobile’s highly anticipated Sanhok map provides a much snappier version of the battle royale shooter

This is basically a snappy little mode that you can play once, and teaches you the basics of the game in exchange for a reward. Lovely stuff.

Back to Sanhok though. This brand new mode still caters for 100 players, but takes place on a much smaller map. That way rounds are over much quickly – perfect for when you’re short on time.

For more information, you can read the full patch notes over on Reddit. Go and grab PUBG Mobile from Google Play now, while you await the update.

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