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Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a classic-style RPG out now on Android

Vampire's Fall: Origins Android

Miss the days when RPGs had isometric views and you’d know an NPC had a quest for you because there’d be a massive glowing exclamation mark over their heads?

Well, the last part hasn’t really changed. If you feel reminiscent about the former though, Vampire’s Fall: Origins is the game for you.

You play as a new recruit in the small village of Vamp’Ire, which is currently under threat by a dark magic-wielding Witchmaster.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins aims to be a serious RPG on mobile right now

So you’ll head on out on a 2D open world adventure with a fully customisable character, battling enemies in old school turn-based battles.

Modern trimmings play a part here too though. There’s dialogue choices to help swing the story in your favour and PvP battles if you like playing with others.

If this sounds good to you (and it really should) go and grab Vampire’s Fall: Origins on Google Play right now.

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