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Age of Civilizations Africa is going free right now on Android

Age of Civilizations Africa Android

If you’re a fan of turn based strategy games, you’ve probably played an Age of Civilizations before. If not, now’s the perfect time as the Africa variant is going free on Android right now.

Your objective is to take over the world, and do so by capturing capital cities. Be careful though, as your enemies will be trying to do the same to you.

Age of Civilizations Africa is going free on Android right now

You’ll earn money from the cities that you own, which will fuel your war efforts. Careful you don’t overspend though. You’ll have to balance your earnings with your expensive army.

Conquering isn’t the only aim of the game though. If you come up against a particularly powerful civilisation, you can try and form an alliance instead. That way everyone is happy.

Either way, you might as well check out Age of Civilizations Africa right now on Google Play. You’ve got nothing to lose, after all, it’s completely free.

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