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Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] is out now on Android

Tokyo Ghoul Android

Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] is the latest video game entry in the massive anime series, and it’s out right now on Android.

You team up with your favourite characters like Ken Kaneki and Kisho Arima to battle ghouls in gorgeous 3D.

In total, there are over 100 characters to collect, and you can form a team out of six of them. Three fight in the front, and three in the back.

Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] is a mobile game version of the hit anime series

You can unleash a variety of taps to create devastating combos in which all of your team participate.

Each character grows in power over time by unlocking special abilities and equipping new gear. You know, just like any other RPG.

Sound good? Great. Go and grab Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] on Google Play right now.

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