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Monster Hunter Stories has a free demo on Android

Monster Hunter Stories Android

Monster Hunter Stories knows it’s expensive. But when you stop to consider just how much game you’re getting for your buck, you realise it’s actually very much worth the asking price.

The problem Capcom has though, is getting series newcomers to figure that out in the first place. How did the enormous publisher solve this? By looking into the past.

You can check out Monster Hunter Stories for free, thanks to the demo.

Step forward MHST The Adventure Begins, a brief demo that you can download for free if you’re on the fence. This lets you get a taste of the experience without paying a penny, and you can then import your save if you end up getting the full game.

That’s a pretty novel approach on mobile, and the fact that an enormous publisher like Capcom has opted to do it suggests that there might be life in premium games on mobile just yet.

So go and support this new approach by checking out MHST The Adventure Begins on Google Play right now.

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