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Cyber Hunter is a futuristic Fortnite by NetEase

Cyber Hunter Android

NetEase loves a good clone and with Cyber Hunter it’s set its sights on Fortnite.

This isn’t just Fortnite though. This is a futuristic spin on the battle royale hit.

Also, a big bonus NetEase’s version has over Epic’s is that there is full character customisation, and the latest trailer shows how deep it is.

Cyber Hunter has a wide variety of customisation options

You can customise every aspect from your hairstyle to the type of makeup you want your character to wear.

Add in a costume system much like Fortnite‘s and if it plays as well, we’re onto a winner.

If you want to check it out, grab Cyber Hunter on Google Play right now. It’s in beta though, so bear that in mind.

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