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Conquer with world with massive sandbox RTS Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms

It’s amazing how much game you can squeeze into a mobile phone these days. Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms is designed to be playable on an object you can fit in your pocket, but the world it contains is seemingly endless.

The game is a real-time sandbox RTS. That means it places you in a living, breathing virtual world where you can be attacked at any time, and maneuver at your leisure. Your aim is to unite three kings by forging alliances, winning battles, maintaining a thriving city, and generally doing the Julius Caesar bit.

You start off as a lowly warlord, occupying a little slice of territory in the game’s vast open world, and you have to do everything a budding warlord needs to do.

Into battle

That means keeping your people well fed, recruiting troops for your army, sending infantry out to mine resources, and so on. You also need to keep your lord in ship shape, by leveling him up through a complex array of RPG upgrades.

Of course, good statecraft is about more than just running a city efficiently – particularly if you have dreams of global domination.

If you want to unite the three kingdoms and run the world, you’ll need to master the art of warfare. There are several unit types to command, including cavalry, archers, and infantry, and you can also choose from hundreds of special warrior hero characters. Each of these comes with its own characteristics and abilities to use on and off the battlefield.

You’ll deploy these troops in a variety of different ways, from sneak attacks to large scale alliance battles. You can play offensively or defensively, surprising your enemy or bamboozling them with a sly feint.

Total Warfare

In addition, there’s espionage and surveillance if you prefer the dark arts. You can even sow discontent in your enemy camps.

Because Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms is set in a sandbox universe, you’re free to do whatever you like whenever you like. However, a clever seasons system makes it wiser to time your moves around the conditions.

For instance, recruiting in spring nets you 25% more soldiers, harvesting in autumn earns you 20% more food, and doing anything in winter slaps your troops with huge debuffs.

There’s so much to consider in Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms, and you’ve always plenty of in-game activities to choose from. It looks great, too character-filled art and an incredible amount of detail.

Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms really is an epic game, and you can download it for free right now on Google Play (and the App Store). Why not give its Facebook page a follow here too.

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