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Construction Simulator 3 is trundling noisily towards a 2019 release

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a millionaire before his thirtieth birthday, but not through acting. That came later. Before turning to the silver screen, Arnie made his fortune in construction.

We can’t promise that playing the Construction Simulator series on mobile or PC will set you off on the same career trajectory as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but fortunately it doesn’t have to. The life of a professional builder has plenty of its own thrills.

This was demonstrated by Construction Simulator 2014, and again by its sequel, Construction Simulator 2, which expanded the scope of the original and gave the whole thing a fresh lick of paint.

And now, far in the distance, heralded by a press release from astragon, we can just about make out Construction Simulator 3 as it rolls towards us down the forthcoming releases highway.

According to astragon, Construction Simulator 3 will bring with it a number of new features and an equally new European setting.

Build up

As ever, you’ll be playing as the boss of a small construction company, with the aim of growing your business across 70 distinct stages covering every facet of the construction world. By the time you get to the end of the game you’ll be a seasoned construction pro with a business empire at your feet.

If you played either of the previous Construction Simulator games you know that licensed vehicles play a huge part in lending the whole thing a vital air of authenticity.

Making a welcome return are such giants of industry as Caterpillar, MAN, STILL, Liebherr, ATLAS, MEILLER Kipper, Palfinger, and Bell. But these regulars are joined by several more notable brands, such as WIRTGEN, HAMM, BOMAG, Bobcat, CASE, and VÖGELE.

In essence, if it weighs as much a house and has wheels it probably makes an appearance in Construction Simulator 3.

Construction Simulator 3 coming soon

Unfortunately, you’ve got a while to wait before getting your hands on the game – astragon predicts that it will hit the virtual shelves some time in the first half of 2019, which could be two months from now, or eight. Fingers crossed!


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