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Creative Destruction review – blow it all up

Creative Destruction from Titan Studio is your classic sandbox survival game. Land on a map with 100 other players, and fight to the death in a Battle Royale style of gameplay. It’s not a new concept by any means, but it’s a popular concept – so we decided to give it a go.

When you load up for the first time, you’ll jump straight into the tutorial. Your guide, Hammer (a close resemblance to a visitor from the 1980s…), walks you through the first time you start a map. You’ve got the option to skip all of this but we’d advise you to stick with it – it’s genuinely helpful and gives you tips you’ll need throughout the game, plus it only takes around 3-5 minutes.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll head to the main menu screen. You can see your gold, chat with other players in the lobby, do daily missions and much more. If we’re being honest, it was quite overwhelming in terms of the options, but once we were more experienced at the game we learnt how to navigate the menu screen quickly.


The control system is relatively standard, with two virtual ‘joysticks’ – the left one moving you around, and the right one changing your view. There’s also the option to alter your view from third person to first person. We preferred the third person view, but it’s great to have the option. So far, so good.

If you’ve played other sandbox crafting games, then you’ll be familiar with the game’s objectives. Stay alive in a map filled with your peers, armed only with the weapons you pick up. The map closes in – Creative Destruction use a snowstorm to do this cleverly – so simply hiding and hoping to outlive everyone else simply won’t work. Chests also appear throughout the map where you can collect different items, and weapons, to make your progress smoother.

When the level is over, there’s a cool presentation where you’re placed on a large pedestal and given an award depending on the skill you showed off in the last level. Being experienced gamers, we actually managed to win the map on our first go. Loading times were very quick, the map is easy to navigate and targeting players is simple enough – this is an area we’ve struggled with on similar games but it worked perfectly this time.

A lot of Creative Destruction

There’s a nice choice of weapons, our favourite was the AK-47 but there’s plenty to pick up in the chests scattered around the map, as well as from slain enemies – we never ran out of ammo or experienced any issues. You can build bastions in order to defend yourself but we didn’t make much use of this feature and preferred to rampage, Rambo style through the map eliminating everything and everyone we came across. 

The map is absolutely huge, and especially so for mobile. With different areas within the map itself, we didn’t get bored running around and finding foes. It’s extremely impressive how Titan Studios have managed to create such an immersive experience on such a small screen. Describing the game as a sandbox survival game is accurate, but it fails to convey how smooth, enjoyable and downright fun this game is.

There’s a mall to buy outfits, daily missions and a gallery to view the game’s weapons amongst the menu options. You can re-skin your weapons by using gold (collected either in game or through IAP) but we never felt pressured into paying for content or using any IAPs – the more experienced players will almost certainly make use of these options however.

Choose your weapon

Guilds are another whole section of the game. You can join a guild and compete together against other guilds, or simply add friends or join a team. After our prowess in winning our first map, we were invited to join a team. We didn’t make much of this feature, but it did change the strategy and game style if you’re looking for something other than the classic mode.

Ultimately, Creative Destruction is easy to pick up, quick to understand, and fun to play. The graphics are smooth, the sound is perfectly adequate for a mobile title – you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out. You can download it via Google Play (EU and Japan users here, everywhere else here) as well as the App Store (EU and Japan users here, everywhere else here).

Survival of the fittest

If you’re in the market for a sandbox survival game, Creative Destruction ticks all the boxes.


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