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Wayward Souls is going very cheap on Android

Wayward Souls Android

Can’t afford a beastly console and Dark Souls? We’ve got a solution: download Wayward Souls on your Android right now.

It’s not quite the same thing – there are no souls, and progression takes a long time – but it’s a solid action RPG in its own right.

You control a character from many different standard classes like mage, rogue, and warrior as you battle through dungeons.

Wayward Souls is a Dark Souls-like roguelike

The perspective is isometric, so you can always get a good look at the action. That’s a good thing as the combat is difficult here.

As you progress you’ll find new equipment that increases your power. Die, and you lose everything, but you can increase some skills that are persistent before you start again.

Wayward Souls is on sale right now on Android, so you’ll lose very little for trying it out. Grab it right now on Google Play.

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