Game News lets you defeat opponents, level-up, acquire loot, and play soccer is a unique game. That’s not to say you won’t recognize anything it has to offer, particularly if you’ve played any of the other .io games, which feature a particular kind of real-time multiplayer.

You may also detect a trace of Animal Crossing in its graphics, and even Fortnite in its central gameplay concept that sees you struggling to be the last person standing.

But no game has ever combined these elements before. The result is an inventive, high quality treat that you can learn to play in a minute, but may not be able to put down for hours.

Your goal in is simply to survive. Well, to survive and level-up. Killing opponents also helps.

At the beginning of each round in the default mode you’re dropped into a fantasy world where you can roam at your leisure, collecting little blue blobs and exploring.

You’ll also encounter other players, and you can attack them with whatever weapon you have in your hand, whether that be a sword, an axe, a baseball bat, or something else. If you manage to secure the kill you’ll get XP.

Eat my goal

Every time you level up you earn a new item or skill, the game giving you a choice of three at random. This strikes a perfect balance between randomness and control, ensuring that each round is different while allowing you to make your own personal mark.

You’ll also collect gold coins to spend on new characters and more.

That means each round is like its own little RPG adventure, condensed down into a battle to the death against 19 opponents.

There are more modes, too. You can play single player against the AI, enter a fully fledged battle royale, or even play Munchkin Ball, an adorable RPG take on soccer with goals and everything. is gorgeous to look at, and it’s packed with character. Better still, it’s totally unique, and free, so head to Google Play (or the App Store!) to download it now.

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