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Her Story is on sale for less than $2

Her Story Android

The excellent interactive crime documentary Her Story is currently on sale for less than $2 on Android. That’s an absolute steal for a game of this calibre.

It’s an interesting game like nothing that’s come before. You have to spook through a bunch of recorded interview footage to figure out what happened on a murder case.

Her Story is an intriguing murder mystery

It’s non-linear, so you won’t just watch a series of clips and then decide who did what at the end. Instead, you have to search keywords and pay close attention to get a picture.

You are the detective. That involves using your brain and paying close attention to every little detail in each video clip, perhaps even taking notes and stuff like that.

So head on over to Google Play to grab Her Story right now. At less than $2, it’s an absolute steal that you can’t miss out on.

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