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Knights & Dungeons is an epic action RPG by Paradox

Knights & Dungeons Android

Knights & Dungeons invites you to create your own knight and send it out into dungeons on a quest for gold and glory.

You’ll create a knight from a variety of customisation options then chuck it straight into battle.

Knights & Dungeons is a one handed RPG

Combat takes place in a wide variety of dungeons. You’ll bash enemies to pieces, soak up all of the gold, and beat bosses at the end.

As you progress, your knight will level up and acquire new gear. This will make it more powerful, allowing you to take on even more challenges.

There’s a ton of stuff to collect here. You can unlock a bunch of new abilities, unlock pets to help you, join a guild with your friends, and even build your own city.

So head on over to Google Play right now to grab Knights & Dungeons. It seems like a solid option for those that like action RPGs.

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