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Mad Rocket: Fog of War Review – The Fog

When it comes to base battling games, there are plenty out there clamouring for your attention. However, with Mad Rocket: Fog of War, developer Ratatat Studios has taken a slightly different path from everyone else by covering its bases with a heavy layer of fog – hiding them from prying eyes and adding another dimension to your attack (and defense) plans.

We found Mad Rocket: Fog of War quite easy to pick up, with a detailed tutorial showing you how to progress past the first few minutes of gameplay and a helpful guide that gives you tips throughout.

It’s essentially two game styles in one. Not only do you have to build a defendable base, but you also need to master how to attack your enemies against the clock. Both elements are fun and well designed – especially the attacking part, where you get to see some pretty epic explosions close up.

Mad Rocket: Fog of War

The graphics really enhance the experience. They have a slightly cartoony edge to them – which is odd to say when you’re talking about mass destruction – but they’re perfectly rendered, even when you zoom right in. There’s something genuinely exciting about sending in multiple attacks at once when you’re about to finish a battle and watching as your screen turns into a fiery cloud of death.

As you hit level 5  you’ll be able to start facing real world players in matched up battles to earn gold, gems, and parts to upgrade your weapons. This is where the game really starts to become a lot of fun. You’ll need to work on your attack strategy – and don’t be surprised if you regularly have to change your tactics during the 90 second battles.

And here’s a top tip – make sure you don’t allow your aircraft to be shot down before they’ve deployed their paratroopers. We lost a number of battles because of this oversight, as our troopers never even reached the base they were supposed to be attacking.

All your base are belong to us

Some of our best (and toughest) battles were against enemies who had an unorthodox base layout – making it tricky to find the HQ and therefore very difficult to know what and where to attack first. The clock is always ticking, and it’s fatal to waste time searching for high priority targets that never appear.

We also had a slight issue with placing buildings in our base – our (normal sized!) fingers were covering the tick/cross options and it was tricky to see where we could drop a building without some extreme dexterity.

That’s not to say the game isn’t well designed. We found it easy to get into the battle and launch attacks – which is the main part of the game anyway. It has some of the best explosions we’ve seen in a game of its style on mobile, which is testament to the care the developers have taken with Mad Rocket: Fog of War.

IAP lowdown

There’s a lot of detail in the game, but you certainly don’t need to understand everything straight away in order to enjoy the experience. If you’re looking to move up the leaderboards you’ll probably need to invest in some IAPs though – or really master every element and unit within the game. You’ll definitely have a big smile on your face as you turn yet another opponent’s base into rubble either way.

You can download Mad Rocket: Fog of War on Google Play (and the App Store) now.


Pocket rocket

Mad Rocket: Fog of War most original game out there, but it’s definitely fun to pick up and jump into battles.


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