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Persephone is a puzzler with a unique approach to death

Persephone Android

Persephone is an intriguing new mobile puzzler that does something interesting with its death mechanics.

Rather than death be the end of the game, it’s actually they key to progress. So it’s not a punishment here, but often the solution to the puzzle.

Death isn’t the end in Persephone – it’s the solution

Perhaps you allow your character to fall to its death in a spikey pit, allowing you to safely walk across its body? Or you die on a button to keep it pressed?

Those are a few of many options at your disposal across the 60 odd puzzles on offer. The environments change too, with gorgeous visuals keeping it fresh.

So head on over to Google Play and grab Persephone right now. It just might rethink your idea of death in video games.

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