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The Quest is 50% right now on Android

The Quest - Caerworn Castle Android

 The Quest, which we recently listed as one of our favourite ever RPGs on Android, is currently going cheap. We absolutely endorse this purchase.

It’s a first person dungeon crawler that harkens back to the likes of Eye of the Beholder and Might & Magic. Except, the art is not from a computer.

Quest is an excellent first person dungeon crawler

The visuals are absolutely stunning, and it’s incredible to consider that all of it was drawn by hand. There’s a massive world to explore full of dungeons.

You’ll create a character, equip it with your favourite gear, and go and battle monstrosities. There’s so much content on offer too, with a wealth of paid DLC extra.

So head on over to Google Play and get The Quest right now. It’s going really cheap at a whopping 50% off at the moment.

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