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Cosmic Top Secret launches November 15 on Android

Cosmic Top Secret Android

Cosmic Top Secret is a curious game coming to Android on November 15. It draws inspiration from a true story but tells it in the fantastical pages of a papercraft world.

It basically follows the story of Trine, the actual lead developer of the game, who goes on a journey to discover more about her parent’s involvement in the Cold War.

Cosmic Top Secret aims to tell a true story involving the Cold War

They were members of the Danish Intelligence Service and led a secretive life. The aim is to tell a realistic story about life in the service and the events of the Cold War.

In terms of gameplay, you simply have to flick and roll your way across a variety of secret dossiers, seeking collectables. These documents come to life with a wide variety of real life characters.

It’s both a video game and a documentary, really. It’s a lot of fun but it does aim to educate you about the true happenings. Cosmic Top Secret launches November 15 on Android.

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