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Adamant is a turn based RPG out now in beta

Adamant Android

Adamant (not to be confused with the 80s singer Adam Ant) is a turn based RPG full of combat, adventure, and levelling up.

You’ll travel across the world, exploring various dungeons on your quest for power and glory. Along the way you’ll level up your characters to increase their power.

Adamant is available now in beta

Of course, an RPG worth its salt also includes a bunch of loot and this one does too. You’ll find loads of items that will power you up.

There’s a multiplayer component too, which pits you against another player’s party in single battles or tournaments. Win and you’ll earn currency that you can spend on useful items or new characters.

Adamant is out right now on Android in beta, so head on over to Google Play to check it out.

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