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Underworld is a Fallout Shelter-like out now

Underworld Android

Bored of Fallout Shelter? Well, why not play Underworld: The Shelter instead then. It offers a very similar experience with a fresh lick of paint.

You have to build your own shelter following a nuclear war that has devastated the world. That involves creating spaces for farming, cooking, and producing water.

Underworld: The Shelter is out now on Android

You’ll also assign roles for your various workers and ensure that they’re as happy as can be. This involves giving them the right sort of work and building a nice shelter.

However, you will have to venture out into the wasteland to gather resources. You’ll actually take part in these expeditions too, as you gather stuff and battle enemy monsters.

There’s PvP too for those that like that sort of thing. You can invade enemy players in online battlers.

Sound like fun? Head on over to Google Play then and grab Underworld: The Shelter right now.

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