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RPG sensation Soul Seeker: Six Knights is out now

When Soul Seeker arrived on mobile devices back in 2015 it was a smash hit. Now the RPG finally has a sequel in the form of Soul Seeker: Six Knights.

Developed by Clegames, it makes sure not to disappoint fans of the original – reinstating all the heroes from the first game.

It’s actually the gameplay which has seen the biggest changes, with battles now being more strategic, richer, and more intense.

Soul seeking

Based on the continent of Hermes that’s been decimated by a war between a quintet of gods, five orders of knights have arisen and are battling it out to decide who will rule the war-ravaged land.

That’s where you come in. You belong to a sixth order – the Albion Knights – and you have to grab five Soul Stones before anyone else to bring peace to the land.

So you assemble a team from a cast of 150 – where you must pick up to six. Three are your main heroes, and three are support characters.

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All the heroes have different strengths, and have elemental affinities including Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Darkness. It’s up to you to put together a team with a good mix to overcome your opponents in the many battles you’ll face.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights is also introducing a new character. Either Water or Light element, Irene is a high-tier hero with incredible close-range battle skills. Her attack speed will increase as she fights letting no chance of counterattack. She will definitely be an asset during your many battles.

Talking of the battles, these are easy to control affairs – with some touch and drag controls being significantly improved from the original Soul Seeker.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights is rammed with content too, including a lengthy campaign, several PvE modes, and PvP options as well. So why not download it now via Google Play (or the App Store!).

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