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Fiendishly addictive casual game Burger Shop finally has a sequel

It’s not unheard of for burgers to be followed by waking up in a dumpster with a sore head, but in the case of Burger Shop 2’s lead character this has nothing to do with late night drunken fast food missions and everything to do with… well, that’s the mystery.

All you know is that the restaurant business you spent years building into a thriving empire is gone, boarded up, and you have no memory of the events leading up to your rude awakening on a bed of garbage.

Still, you built a fast food empire once and you can do it again.

Like the original Burger Shop, Burger Shop 2 sees you serving customers sitting at a counter on the bottom of the screen. Food items appear from the kitchen on a conveyor belt and snake their way towards the counter, and it’s your job to take these items, compile them into orders, and serve them to customers.

You start off with a rudimentary menu of burgers and fries, but you’ll quickly expand your offering to include ice cream sundaes, donuts, pancakes, onion rings, pasta, and much, much more. In the end you’ll be dishing up over 100 different meals.

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It’s not just a matter of slapping food on a plate, either. Burgers need to be made up from buns and patties, fries need to taken from the fryer, and so on. You need to master a range of skills to keep service flowing.

All the while you’ll gradually uncover the story behind your abrupt ousting from your former life as a catering supremo, as you struggle to become one again.

There are 120 levels in Burger Shop 2’s story mode, and a further 120 in its expert mode, so it’ll be a while before you manage to get fully back on top. If, on the other hand, you’re not the ambitious type you can always kill some time with the Relax mode, or sharpen your skills with Challenge.

Burger Shop 2 is available right now for free on Google Play (and the App Store!). There’s also a deluxe edition available for just $1.99 to buy, again on both Google Play and the App Store.

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