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Here’s how you can get a free copy of Burger Shop 2 Deluxe

For anyone under 12, the appeal of going to their favourite burger establishment isn’t the food but the freebies that come with it. It’s not that inexpensive fast food doesn’t taste nice – it’s just that nothing tastes as good as free stuff.

Burger Shop 2 developer GoBit has decided to follow in the footsteps of the burger behemoths by giving away several codes for its long-awaited time-management sequel. It’s the holiday season too, so giving is all the rage.

In case you’re not already aware, Burger Shop 2 sees you once again taking on the role of a fast food worker fortunate enough to own a machine called the BurgerTron 2000.

In the first game you climbed the greasy ladder of the fast food industry all the way to the top, thanks to your time-management skills and your trusty BurgerTron. In this sequel, you start right down at the bottom again, after waking up in a dumpster to discover that your diner is boarded up and your business is gone.

YOU can win!

How this happened is a mystery that you’ll gradually solve while working to rebuild your empire in the expanded and even more challenging world of Burger Shop 2, which features over 100 food items, 120 stages, two difficulty levels, four modes, and a dizzying array of details and boosts to get your head around. Good luck!

To celebrate the holiday season GoBit is giving away a number of promo codes that will allow you to unlock the gloriously ad-free premium version of the game free of charge too.

There are ten codes available for the Android version and another ten on iOS. To put yourself in the running all you need to do is comment on this story, either below or on Twitter or Facebook, preferably stating your platform of choice. We’ll then pick ten people at random next week. Hop to it!

Burger Shop 2 is available right now in free (iOS and Android) and Deluxe (iOS and Android) versions.

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