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Armed Heist is basically Payday 2 for mobile

Armed Heist Android

Armed Heist is a brand new third person shooter out now in beta on Android that draws a lot of inspiration from Payday 2.

You take on a variety of different heists ranging from jewellery store hits to raiding bank vaults. You’ll find these on the Crime Map – a job database that lets you pick from a bunch of available jobs.

Armed Heist is out right now in beta on Android

First you’ll have to customise your character, selecting from various different weapons, modifications, and its appearance. Weapons range from assault rifles to snipers and you can equip them with different sights, suppressors, and various other upgrades.

Missions are never the same either, with a variety of different approaches to tackle them. That leads to an awful lot of content for you to fight your way through.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Armed Heist in beta. There’s no multiplayer but hopefully that will arrive in a future update.

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