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Fortnite and PUBG are neck and neck on mobile

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Fortnite might be the breakaway success in terms of battle royale where PC and console is concerned, but that isn’t the case on mobile.

In fact, both games now have an equally big community on the smaller screen. According to The Verge, who spoke to developer Tencent, both games sit at about 30 million active users per day.

Fortnite and PUBG are the biggest battle royale competitors

However, it could well be that PUBG Mobile is the bigger success. The Verge also made it clear that that the tallied numbers don’t include the absolutely enormous Chinese mobile games market.

This is huge news for PUBG, which lagged way behind Fortnite this year when Epic’s battle royale steamed ahead.

The likely contributor of this was the decision to make PUBG a console exclusive on Xbox One. Who the heck thought that was a good idea?

Anyway, you can grab PUBG Mobile on Google Play or Fortnite on the official Epic site.

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