PUBG Mobile’s Vikendi is exactly what we want from a Christmas event

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PUBG Mobile‘s Vikendi update arrived this week, bringing with it a bunch of festive new features. We got a snowy menu theme, holiday Jingle Bells to collect, and the much-anticipated Vikendi map.

This got us thinking – why don’t more developers put in this level of effort for Christmas related events?

To be fair, many do, at least, inject a bit of Christmas spirit into their games, and we do appreciate it – even if it’s just a nifty new app icon with the lead character wearing a Santa hat. That’s often all it takes.

PUBG Mobile isn’t the only game to hold a Christmas event

But many more like Bricky FarmHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and World of Tanks Blitz sprinkle in a little extra effort by running Christmas events or dropping snow over the usual environments.

While all of this is lovely and completely welcome, it all pales in comparison to PUBG Mobile‘s effort. To get a whole new snowy map just for Christmas is one thing, but it’s the little touches that really shine.

A snow map requires an all new method of traversing the environment, so it’s a good thing that we get a nice new snowmobile to do so in. Again, it’s the little touches.

But it sure as heck did the best job – have a snowball fight before a match if you don’t believe us

We really appreciate the snowball fights in the lobby before a match in particular. It’s exactly the sort of silly mayhem we want to get involved in over the Christmas period, harkening back to our childhood days when we’d throw actual real snow.

Then there’s the Jingle Bell items you can collect as you play to earn some wintery rewards. Sure, this is pretty standard fare admittedly, but it ties the entire event together by providing us with a bunch of challenges to tackle.

PUBG Mobile has really impressed us this year generally. It’s not often that a mobile iteration ends up being far better than the real deal. There’s no doubting that’s what we have here though.

The battle royale shooter has had a superb year on mobile and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store

And this Christmas event is just the icing on the cake for an absolutely superb year for the battle royale epic. Developers, take note: this is how you do a mobile game tie in and how you hold an epic Christmas event.

Go and grab PUBG Mobile on Google Play right now to help get you in the Christmas spirit.

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