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Dragalia Lost celebrates New Year with a bunch of events

Dragalia Lost Android

Nintendo’s hit mobile RPG Dragalia Lost has received a massive new update to celebrate the upcoming New Year, and it introduces a bunch of new content.

The most important of these new bits is chapter seven, the continuation of the story. Make sure you clear chapter six before taking this on though, as it’s a requirement.

Celebrate the New Year in Dragalia Lost on mobile

Then there’s the new raid, Fortune from Afar. This doesn’t kick off until New Years Eve on December 31st, when you’ll have to team up with fellow players to battle a boss.

In terms of events, most of these just make it easier for you to play. The first event halves the stamina cost of Avenue to Power and Fortune, while event two has Shadowsteep Ruins available at all times.

Event three has stamina recover twice as fast and event four will make sure Elemental Ruins remains open for the duration. That should help you get a few upgrades.

You’ll also grab some lovely gifts just for playing while the event is running, so go ahead and grab this awesome RPG on Google Play right now.

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