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Aion: Legions of War launches January 24 on Android

Aion: Legions War Android

NCSoft will launch Aion: Legions of War, an exclusive new entry in the MMORPG franchise, on January 24.

Don’t get too excited though, as this isn’t an MMORPG, port, or remake. It’s basically a gacha RPG that takes place in the same universe.

Aion: Legions of War is a gacha RPG based on the franchise

You’ll collect from over 100 different heroes, each of which has a base class like tank, DPS, or healer.

The goal is, as ever, to duke it out in a variety of battles. You’ve got single player and PvP in the arena.

If that sounds good to you, head on over to Google Play and pre-register for the gacha RPG right now.

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