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Dice Mage Online is out now in beta on Android

Dice Mage Online Android

DiceĀ MageĀ Online has launched in open beta on Android so you can check it out ahead of its global release.

It’s an online multiplayer card game in which you build a deck and battle it out against enemy players in turn-based combat.

Dice Mage Online is a card battler that draws inspiration from dice-based combat systems

Here’s where it gets interesting though. Each card is based on a dice roll with various different properties. You might roll to heal, to deal damage, or to add numbers onto your next move.

Effectively, it’s the classic Dungeons and Dragons combat system in a card format.

Visually, it looks gorgeous with awesome character sprites and SNES-style backdrops.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this awesome card battler in beta.

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