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Final Fantasy Digital Card Game is coming to Android in Japan

Final Fantasy Android

Final Fantasy is the next franchise to get itself a digital card game Square Enix has just announced.

The aptly-titled Final Fantasy Digital Card Game will launch on PC and mobile later this year in Japan.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game does exactly what it says on the tin

A closed beta test will be held later this month and you can sign up for it right here. Don’t hold your breath though as only 10,000 people will get the chance.

As for the game, it’s an online card game that plays quite similarly to a classic turn-based Final Fantasy battle.

You’ll summon your favourite characters who will actually appear on the deck in their original pixelated forms and use a variety of moves to try and get the upper hand over your opponents. It’s all about trying to guess what they’re going to do next and counter it.

You can learn more about the card game on the official site. It launches later this year in Japan and we’ll keep you posted if we get news of a global release.

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