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Immortal Rogue is a rogue like you can play in portrait

Immortal Rogue Android

Fed up of the lack of portrait mode action games that you can play while commuting on a cramped bus or subway? Well, Immortal Rogue aims to fix that.

You play as a vampire who wakes up from a long slumber and heads out to hunt for its next meal. You can decide who the vampire hunts, which changes the story.

Immortal Rogue is out now in beta on Android

There are hundreds of characters you can hunt, which changes the story every single time you play. Of course, you can turn all of them into allies instead.

When not making friends or eating people, you’ll slice and dice your way through 70 different enemies in a randomly generated world. A world that changes based on your feeding habits, by the way.

There are over 30 different vampire abilities to unlock and just as many weapons to master as well. So basically, there’s an absolute ton of content.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this roguelike. It’s in beta so expect the odd bug though.

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