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Talion Online is now up for pre-registration in Australia

Talion Online Android

GAMEVIL is gearing up to release its latest MMORPG Talion Online globally, starting with a soft launch in Australia.

You can pre-register for that soft launch right now if you live in Australia, earning some bonus in-game gifts when it arrives.

Talion Online has a strong focus on large scale PvP warfare

Aside from some stunning visuals, this seems to be your bog standard mobile MMORPG.

The character customisation stands out though, as you can adjust everything from hairstyle to makeup.

You’ll pick an alliance out of Shield of Protection or Bident, the Flame of Judgement and lead them to victory against enemy players.

There’s a bunch of different realm versus realm modes too, like occupy, raid, and team battle.

So it seems like large scale PvP warfare plays a huge part in Talion Online. If that sounds good to you, and you live in Australia, go and pre-register on Google Play now.

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