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Beat Cop, the 80s cop sim, is out right now on Android

Beat Cop Android

Why not start your week off the best way: by downloading Beat Cop, which just launched on Android.

If you ever wished you could live the life of an action movie cop, this is the game for you.

You play as Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been framed for murder. Bet you can guess where this is going.

Beat Cop is full of humour

That’s right, you head on out to get to the bottom of this and solve your murder case so you can get your life back on track.

Meanwhile, the mafia want you dead and your relationship with your wife isn’t the best it’s been. These are just a couple of obstacles you’ll face.

Beat Cop has a non-linear story with multiple endings, a ton of humour, and all of the action-packed goodness you’re looking for.

So go ahead and grab it right now on Google Play. It’s free to try, with a single IAP to unlock the rest of the game if you like it.

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