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Android: 5 new games you have to play this week

Beat Cop Android

It was tough to just pick five new Android games this week, with a bunch of stellar offerings hitting Google Play. You can browse through our stories on the homepage for a bunch more recommendations though.

Or, just take a look at what we consider to be the five best new games out this week below.

The best new Android game this week: Beat CopGet it

Beat Cop takes top honours this week, providing us with a fun and hilarious 80s action movie cop simulator.

You’ll write up a bunch of parking tickets, solve a murder mystery, and try and keep a bunch of different gangs happy as you walk your beat. Ace stuff.

Aion: Legions of WarGet it

We weren’t blown away with Aion: Legions of War at review, but if you’re a real fun of gacha RPGs on mobile this is well worth a shot.

The production values are very high and it offers a solid enough story to dig your teeth into. There’s also a bit of innovation in the combat system.

Legends of AndorGet it

Legends of Andor is a highly polished new digital board game in which you take on a bunch of different quests as a part of traditional fantasy heroes.

There are multiple ways to complete each quest too, so there’s plenty of replayability here.

Alien: BlackoutGet it

Alien: Blackout is a terrifying new Five Nights at Freddy’s-like survival horror game in which you have to help your crew – and yourself – survive an attack by Xenomorph onboard a lonely space station.

Good luck!

Langrisser MobileGet it

Langrisser Mobile is here to take Fire Emblem Heroes‘s crown and we think it just might.

There’s a lot more strategy to it, a great single player story, and massive maps to battle on. It’s also breathtakingly gorgeous.

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