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Fortnite now has controller support and 60fps on select devices

Fortnite Android

Fortnite has just received an exciting update that introduces controller support for the mobile version. Also, select few Android devices can also run the game in 60fps.

These include the Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Honor View 20, and the Huawei Mate 20 X. According to the patch notes, more devices will receive this support in the future.

In terms of controller support, pretty much everything that you can typically use to play Android games with is supported.

Fortnite also gets a new Chiller Grenade and the Solid Gold LTM

Aside from the myriad bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, this update also introduces some lovely new content. You’ve got the Chiller Grenades, which make the ground slippery, and a Solid Gold limited time mode.

The latter basically speeds up the gameplay drastically. Every single weapon drop you pick up is Legendary and you’ll receive way more materials from gathering.

You can learn more about the latest update on the official site, where the patch notes are listed for all to see.

So head on over to the official Fortnite site to grab it right now and check out the latest update. We’re keen to see how it plays with a controller.

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