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Fortnite gets Wild West Duos mode, campfires, and bottle rockets

Fortnite Battle Royale Android

Fortnite has received a brand new update that introduces a new mode, weapon, and item to the experience. This follows from the previous update that introduced controller support.

The new mode is Wild West Duos, a limited time mode that is only available in duos. It provides you with a limited set of items and weapons.

Fortnite recently received controller support too

In terms of bottle rockets, these fire a number of damaging rockets, while the campfire heals you and any nearby party members.

That’s a nice little update that will freshen up the experience a little bit. You can also now play the game with controller support and in 60fps on select devices.

So head on over to the official site and grab the battle royale shooter to experience the new update right now.

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