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Shadowgun Legends has more co-op, PvP modes, maps, and weapons

Shadowgun Legends Android

Shadowgun Legends has just received an absolutely enormous new update that introduces tons of new content.

The biggest new feature is a capture the flag PvP mode, which includes a new map, the Alien Cave.

You can also now play every single mission in co-op, which is a much-requested feature.

Shadowgun Legends is mobile’s answer to Destiny

There’s also four new legendary weapons, two new IAP bundles, five new emotes, and secret gear and customisations.

Rounding up the enormous content patch are more ways to earn gold, the game’s premium currency.

So if you didn’t really get on with Madfinger’s take on Destiny at launch, go ahead and check it out now that it’s received all of this new content.

You can grab it for free on Google Play.

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