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Doggo Dungeon: A Dog’s Tale is a cute new action RPG out now

Doggo Dungeon Android

Doggo Dungeon: A Dog’s Tale is utterly adorable. You play as the incredibly cute pup Misha who’s on a quest to find her owner, Ben, who’s gone missing.

He was last seen by a well, which Misha leaps into without hesitation to save her favourite friend. Inside the well, she finds a fantasy world of monsters, secrets, and dungeons to explore.

Doggo Dungeon: A Dog’s Tale is all about doggie Misha finding her lost owner

You’ll battle these monsters, level up, and meet a whole host of fantasy characters. That includes a giant frog queen, by the way. This game is bonkers.

The visuals are gorgeously pixelated too, and there are over 20 different levels to complete in this action RPG that was created by just a single developer.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out this intriguing new RPG.

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