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Valor’s Reach is a faster-paced Magic: The Gathering experience

Valor's Reach Android

Wizards of the Coast has just announced Valor’s Reach, a brand new collectible card game that takes place in the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Where this differs from the myriad other Magic games though is in its much faster pace.

Valor’s Reach is all about snappy 1v1 battles

Battles are entirely 1v1 affairs, and are designed to last a mere few minutes, which is perfect for mobile play.

You’ll still create and customise your own deck, collecting cards as you progress. There are a variety of Planeswalker heroes to play as too, each of which has its own unique cards.

Valor's Reach

Valor’s Reach actually soft launches today in Nordic regions, so keep an eye out on Google Play for it.

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