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Talion Online finally launches on Android on May 28

Talion Android

GAMEVIL has just announced that the hit upcoming mobile MMORPG Talion Online will finally launch on Android on May 28.

If you’re set on checking it out, you can pre-register right now to get it as soon as it launches – along with a wealth of goodies.

Talion Online features extensive character customisation and massive PvP modes

The two big Talion features are extensive character customisation and massive open world PvP.

You can completely customise your character’s appearance from their hair down to their body shape.

In terms of PvP, there are a bunch of RvR modes like Occupy, Raid, Team Battle, and more.

So head on over to Google Play and pre-register right now. Talion Online officially launches May 28 on Android.

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