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Adorable city-builder QubeTown is getting a Wedding Festival Event from May 9

If you haven’t already played QubeTown, you really must. It’s like Animal Crossing with the rich RPG mechanics of the best free-to-play mobile games and the cuboid visuals of Tearaway.

And next week the game will be hosting a very special event. Well, very special if you happen to like weddings. The Wedding Festival Event will run from 9-15 May, and it will see you assisting in the matrimonial preparations of a character called Bryde.

Your job is to provide Flower Macaroons, a Floral Crown, and a Wedding Cake. That means sending your little cube people out on expeditions and putting your baker and your weaver to work.

Your reward for a successful wedding will be Rubies, a new costume, and Wedding Festival Landscapes. But take note: if you want to participate you’ll need to be at level 14 or above. New to the game? You’d better get to work.

Master of your domain

Here’s the lowdown: QubeTown sees you assuming the role of lord, with responsibility for a charming community of angular beings. Amusingly, the character you play doesn’t want to be a lord, and spends his whole time trying to escape, but never quite manages it.

You have to oversee everything in QubeTown, from growing and harvesting crops to raising cattle. Then you need to disperse the produce you create to various bakers, cheesemakers, sugar refiners, weavers, and so on.

The scope of the game is truly enormous. You’ll send citizens out on expeditions, trade with various other parties, level-up your buildings, recruit and house new citizens, play mini-games, expand your territory into the surrounding woodlands, and much, much more.

QubeTown is way more sophisticated than it looks, and making progress requires a certain amount of strategic nous and patience. The reward is a game that will keep you busy for months.

Plus, weddings. Everybody loves a wedding. You can download QubeTown now on Google Play.

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